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    Workplaces that excite and engage people to deliver voluntary,
    massive performance to achieve personal, professional
    and organisation success.
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    we work for your profit!
    Let us develop and strengthen your organisation processes,
    culture, leadership and team capabilities so you can manage,
    develop, motivate and retain the right people.
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Looking for an ERP Solution?

Peak Heritage is a leading team of Expert and Sage business partner who specialize in Sage X3 ERP, SAGE 300, and SAGE Evolution implementation. We have been in the implementationpment since 2001 and have managed large scale projects in India, Africa and the Middle East. We provide bespoke ERP implementation, Training, organisation development and Financial services to our clients internationally.


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Our Implementation approach is based on the belief that business processes drive results. We examine critical workplace behaviours that are most likely to...

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Organisation Effectiveness

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Our Organisation Effectiveness Interventions aim to help you create dynamic and vibrant human workplaces that excite,.....

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Financial Services

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The essence of Financial services lies in helping organisation realise and unleash their potential to achieve their goals. Most major companies now ...

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Managed Small Scale Software Services

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Managed Small Scale Services is a unique proposition in which we set up and manage a part of or the complete small scale software to manage your function in an organisation...

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Why Choose Peak Heritage Limited? We'll Tell You!

We are ready to fix you up with our discounted promos going on ...

We will create dynamic and vibrant human workplaces that attract, excite, engage, and retain employees. Workplaces that enable voluntary, massive performance by employees to create success for themselves and the organisation.

Client Testimonials

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    Peak Heritage Limited is the best when it comes to ERP Implementattion their services are unique, reliable, effective and result oriented. - John, Airtel Nigeria
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